Crosscountry just got interesting

A combination of low weight, attractive design and the requirements of our MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM were the focus in the development of the new BIG.NINE. Merida has spent lots of time on getting the geometry, the comfort and the stiffness perfectly right. The leave spring like FLEXSTAY chain and seat stays increase the riding comfort as well as take the sting out of rougher descents. To give the rider another small advantage over the competition Merida has given the new bikes an aerodynamic downtube. Its profile was heavily influenced by our award winning SCULTURA road bike.

The 2017 BIG.NINE is clearly focused on cross country racing and that’s not just due to the close involvement of our MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM. In particular our range leading CF5 frame is laid out for 1 x drivetrains but that doesn’t mean it would not feel at home at marathon races and long endurance events. The FLEXSTAY chain and seat stays paired with the S-Flex seatpost make the BIG.NINE one of the most comfortable hardtails in its class and therefore the perfect partner for long endurance events.


Uphill 9/9                
Control 8/9                
Trail fun 6/9                
Price-performance ratio 9/9                


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