The FOIL made a name for itself racking up stage wins in the Tour de France, wins at Milan San Remo and Liege Bastogne Liege, to name a few. This success urged us to make the FOIL Premium even more aerodynamic and comfortable than before, while maintaining an incredible lateral stiffness. Its HMX Carbon fiber frame has been completely redesigned to provide even less drag, helping you gain those extra precious seconds, and comes in as one of the lightest in the aero market. With a Syncros integrated handlebar system, Dura-Ace Di2 and Syncros Carbon components, this bike was designed to help you win every ride.


  • Frame

    FOIL HMX / IMP, F01 AERO Carbon tech.
    Road Race geometry
    Replaceable Dropout
    STD Seattube / INT BB
  • Fork

    1 1/4" - 1 1/2" Carbon steerer
    Integrated Carbon Dropout


Scott set up one of their Foil bikes with a spec better than what you can find available on the WorldTour. They call it the Premium Di2 Bike, and it is lighter and faster than what Scott’s sponsored pro’s ride.

The Foil frame is the biggest attraction here. It’s the lightest aero road frame you can find, 890g for the frame another 340g for the fork, a weight that puts in the class of superlight carbon and wind tunnel numbers that put it at the front with super-low drag. Thanks to the alignment of design, geometry, and materials, this bike is also incredibly stiff, much stiffer than their aero road competition, and stiff for a road bike in general. The key is their truncated airfoils, which take the shape commonly known as Kamm-tail. The leading edge is that of an airfoil, then cut off. In a aero road bike shootout from Velo magazine, the Scott bested its more famous competition thanks to a great combination of aerodynamics, stiffness, light weight, and ride quality.

This is a bike for people who like going fast. Whether it’s a triathlete who likes riding the road, a racer who specializes in breakaways, a sprinter looking for every edge, this bike delivers.

Naturally, the bike is built up with Shimano Di2 components. Light, with frictionless shifting and great customization, you can get between 1,000km and 1,000 miles on a charge from the hidden battery. And the shifting can be fine-tuned through programming  Gearing is the wide range you should expect to find these days. The four-arm Dura-Ace 9000 crankset has semi-compact 52/36 chain rings and a wide-ranging 11-28 eleven-speed cassette.

Ritchey, a longtime supplier to Scott, furnishes the carbon-fiber semi-ergo bars, carbon matrix stem, and a co-designed proprietary aero seat post. The post has an airfoil shape, Ritchey’s one-bolt clamp, 350mm of length, and 25mm of setback.

Because most people won’t have a team car following them, this bike comes built up with clincher wheels rather than the team’s racing tubulars. But, just like the bike, these are fast wheels. 46mm deep hybrid aluminum/carbon-fiber hoops. The aluminum tire bed and braking surface is strong and offers consistent, predictable braking in all conditions. The wide bed, which helps lower rolling resistance, is shrouded by carbon foils, which help the wheels slice through the wind. Because of the strength of the rim, Scott felt comfortable using only sixteen spokes in the front and twenty in the rear. DT Swiss hubs are rebadged Syncros and have an instant-engagement pawl system in back and great, smooth internals all around. Tires are the super-fast Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II in a rim matching 23mm width to help further the aerodynamics.

Because this bike is about  foiling the wind, Scott selected their Syncros RR1.0 wheels for this bike. With 46mm deep carbon rims and DT Swiss bladed spokes, these wheels, at 1480g for the set, balance light weight with aerodynamics. They’re light enough for climbing, yet aero enough for long attacks. The hubs keep up with the rims and spokes; they’re supplied with DT Swiss internals. Tires are the fast Continental Grand Prix 4000S II’s; this rolling rubber consistently scores among the fastest on rolling resistance tests.

The Scott Foil Premium Bike, at 14.59lbs is both too light and too fast for professionals.


Foil video